Discover a selection of ambitious events set up with the support of Stehven. Organized by students, for students. Don't forget to organize an event yourself! We'd love to help you with it.


Stukafest is a festival that takes place in 12 student homes around Eindhoven. The rooms are turned into small theatres, where performances such as dance, music and cabaret takes place.

13 February

Organized by
Stukafest Eindhoven

Eindhoven Open

Eindhoven open is a 2-day English British-parliamentary debating tournament. During these 2 days there were 5 rounds of debates, after which there'll be semi-finals and finals.

31 January -
2 February

Eindhoven university of technology

Organized by
E.S.D.A. Chronos

Winterspecial SSC

During the christmas break the student sport centre hosted a winter special with group lessons and a cozy BBQ.

26 December
Student sportcenter

Organized by

Plugged Festival

Plugged festival hosted a christmas edition in collaboration with the TU/e christmas market

19 December
TU/e campus

Organized by
Plugged Festival

Lustrum Quadrivium

Quadrivium celebrates its 11th Lustrum

1 - 15 December

Organized by
ESMG Quadrivium

Corpus Christmas Ball

A christmas ball organised by studyassociation Corpus

1 January
Park Theater

Organized by
Studyassociation Corpus Eindhoven

Van Lint

During the van Lint week 1600 students competed to each other in different sport disciplines.

1 January
Student sportcentre

Organized by


A robot competition where teams created their own robot. After designing and building their robot they had to compete in 3 challenges with in the end a final boss fight.

30 November -
1 December

Eindhoven University of Technology

Organized by
W.S.V. Simon Stevin & Lucid

I <3 Holland

Based on the Dutch TV show "Ik hou van Holland", this event is a Dutch culture pub quiz with fun activities.

6 June
Student Sport Centre

Organized by
Cosmos International Student Association

NED 2019

During the 'After Exam Days' upcoming first year student get in touch with the student associations and city of Eindhoven.

4 - 7 June

Organized by
E.S.C, SSRE & Demos

QJDBT 2019

A new event in Eindhoven. A petanque tournament at the TU/e-campus.

1 June

Organized by
Dispuut Quare

AIPHT 2019

The Audumla Hockeytournament is organized since 1976. In 2017, after 40 years, the tournament was organized at Don Quishoot on the TU/e-campus.

30 May
Don Quishoot

Organized by
Dispuut Audumla

Plugged Festival 2019

Festival for students and music lovers from Eindhoven.

23 May

Organized by

Gestrand 2019

Beachvolleybal event at the IJzeren Man in Eindhoven.

18 May
IJzeren Man

Organized by
Wassadamo & Iknoria

HDR 2019

'Huizen & Disputenrace' is a rowing tournament at E.S.R. Theta.

22 May
E.S.R. Theta

Organized by
Sorority Animo

Iftar Dinner 2019

8 May

Organized by
Student Association Salaam

Word Lid! Feest 2019

9 May

Organized by

NK Beleidsdebatteren

In 1991, in honor of the seventh lustrum of Eindhoven University of Technology, a small-scale debate tournament was organized for the first time at the initiative of the general student society SSRE. This tournament has developed into an annual event and has grown into one of the biggest debating tournaments in the Netherlands in collaboration with the TU/e. Every year we welcome a diverse audience of enthusiastic students and debate clubs to debate various social topics. The participating students see a challenge in public debate, some are experienced, others are motivated to develop in this area.

30 March

Organized by


More than 1000 students will attend the Audumla Hockeytournament. On Ascension Day the combination of hockey, beer, sun, hits and beautiful women will ensure that this day contains everything a student could wish for.

30 May

Organized by
Dispuut Audumla

This is Stella Vie

No one saw her before, no one knew her name. The expectations were sky high. More than 700 people were waiting for that special moment… And the Solar Team did it! They proudly present you Stella Vie! For the first time ever, they have built a solar-powered family car for 5 persons! It is the most efficient family car ever built. And as you can see, she is even sexier than before. She has a beautifully curved roof with 5 m² of solar cells. This is 1 m² less than Stella and Stella Lux. Yet, we can still drive 1000 km on one full battery on a Dutch summer day, enough to drive you all the way from Eindhoven to the south of France.

21 June
Metaforum TU/e

Organized by
Solar Team

Conduct Festival

At the festival there will be music, food and during the day multiple workshops are organized. During these workshops visitors can broaden their cultural knowledge and they can come in contact with various companies. In the evening there will be a more festive setting since various artist will perform on various stages divided over the entire building.

6 February
LaPlace building, TU/e

Organized by
Faculty of Industrial Design


6 - 7 October
Eindhovensch Kanaal

Organized by
E.S.R. Thêta

Chinese New Year’s Gala

Happy Chinese New Year!
ACSSE Eindhoven is the Chinese country association at the TU/e. Every year they organise a gala to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The evening is full of different kinds of entertainment like tasty Chinese cuisine, interesting games and art performances by many of the talented students.
Learn about Chinese culture while having a great time!

27 January
Luna, TU/e

Organized by