Knowledge to succeed.

Stehven wants you to organize an awesome event. Wether you need help finding a location or want to grow in the coming years. Stehven has experience in organizing events and can help you with the knowledge to make your event even better.


Money to make it solid.

We have money available to backup your plan. We help you optimize your finances and support where the budget is insufficient. Tell us what you need and apply directly via the button below.


Network to grow.

Whether you need help finding a location or reaching a larger audience. We have a close relationship with the municipality, universities, academies and businesses in Eindhoven. We can help you get in touch with the right people.

Make sure your plan adds value! Don’t be afraid to make crossovers, host interesting people or do something good for the community.

to apply


Turn your idea into a plan. Think budget, timeframes, partners, sponsors, etc.


Ask Stehven to help you specify your plan and submit your event with the button on the right


The committee of Stehven will take your event in consideration.


We will let you know if and how we will support your event.